Copper Creek collection

Lux-Crete Ranch offers a selection of furniture with whiskey barrels, pipe lighting, . This line is catered towards old time industrial home furnishings. Bringing a touch of mining culture and possibly a flavor of whiskey.

Kitchen Island Tops

We have stirred up quite a ruckus with our rustic kitchen island tops. At time our customers ask us to make something more simple and subtle but next we are given the reins to go all out and create something worth a yeehaw. So whatever you have in mind lets get something mapped out. That’s after we’re done mucking out the stalls tho:)

Industrial End table

Artistic Advantage

We are not horsin around when we say we are tuely one of kind concrete creators. We know you will appreciate the value that you comes from our shop as we work hard to make your project a work of art. One of the main stand outs of concrete is the edge designs. You can walk into a home and immediately notice the difference just by the edging. Next we set ourself apart because it doesn’t even look like plain old concrete its excitingly natural, with veins and charactor. No sanding and staining we just design it by art. Thanks for sticking with us so far. Lets do this!

Why Concrete

You get to choose the size, shape, color, and surface texture, so you can have a counter or sink that fits perfectly, size-wise, into your space and suits your home style-wise. Concrete counters have left a few bad impression for people. We understand that concrete is not bullet proof. It can scratch, and get dings here and there. We have many customers who love their countertops and We feel like we offer the best possible product to last many, many years under normal loving use. Concrete gets harder as it ages, and it is easy to maintain with very little hassle. Our work is not the process of DIY experiments, but rather science based proven methods drafted from concrete experts. 


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