Shackin it up Whiskey Style

In the early days of 2019 Andrew, the founder of Lux- Crete was embarked on a mission to create the world's coolest concrete countertops and vanities.

A lot of ideas were coming from places like pinterest and instagram, but he and his team were drawing sketches and adding elements to come up with the most striking appearance possible. While most people have seen the whiskey barrels with a small bowl in the top before, Andrew wanted to create a bigger, better, more spacious product, infusing them with a blend of rustic charm and contemporary artistry. So armed with a vision, He ventured off, starting with the natural beauty of recycled barn materials and used whiskey barrels, alongside our distinctive concrete countertops that customers were already enjoying.

The inaugural whiskey barrel vanity took shape with the collaboration of a key employee. Dan Erb has an innate talent for transforming dreams into tangible masterpieces. So one day Dan at the shop said, Andrew, today I'm gonna put a barrel vanity together. And wow did he ever! He had so many little iron pipes at all different angles it was spectacular to watch. As the first creation emerged, we could finally see the first real product in reality. It was more of an industrial piece made with iron pipes and wooden shelves but the first unit was done and

finally a reality. The crew was beyond fired up because they knew what lay ahead. After that first construct, the determination only intensified. The team tirelessly honed their craft, continually enhancing designs and introducing innovative concepts.

Today some of the early productions still hold a place in the market, but have been overshadowed by the latest and most advanced creation—the talk of the town. These unique vanities, born from a relentless

pursuit of perfection, started selling. As soon as they were listed on the internet and our team got the shipping figured out, customers flocked to these bespoken pieces, each vanity a testament to the team's dedication which now includes Andrew's youngest brother Steven who completely took over the manufacturing and assembly process. The company added a few more employees and outsourced a good bit of the parts building to keep up with orders.

Lux-Crete’s commitment to excellence extended beyond whiskey barrels; artistic concrete options emerged, featuring captivating animal tracks and mountain-themed backsplashes. The choice of different animal options adds a personal touch, ensuring customers found the perfect match for their style.

In a world saturated with mass-produced goods, Lux-Crete’s startup not only captured attention but also satisfied the growing demand for distinctive, handcrafted furniture. The journey from that first whiskey barrel to the nationwide sensation was a testament to creativity, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to delivering uniqueness in every piece.

Henry the Gold Digger

In the middle of western excursion, Andrew ran across Henry the gold digger. Henry wasn’t havin much luck prospectin at the time, but he certainly hadn’t lost his spirit for mining. He did however find his treasure trove of excitement at Lux-Crete, and as soon as he got onboard he became a the heartbeat of the business. Hardly a day goes by that he’s not found digging up gold nuggets and sharing them with each and every customer that comes riding along. His favorite pick-up-line is “ Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest!” Guys like Henry will spice up any old ghost town that needs a new spirit. And thus was born the legendary Copper Creek Canyon Collection Page 3

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